<![CDATA[Mudlarks - a point and click adventure game - News and Updates]]>Thu, 14 Jan 2016 22:25:46 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[NEW GAME COMING SOON!!!]]>Tue, 05 Aug 2014 19:52:02 GMThttp://mudlarks.weebly.com/news-and-updates/new-game-coming-soonFirst of all, as massive thanks to everyone for making Mudlarks a great success, it has passed 5000 downloads and has been featured favourably on many websites as well as a review in a Greek gaming mag! After initial buggy releases things smoothed out nicely, and we've taken all the lessons on board.

Now, what are we working on? Firstly, we have a MASSIVE project that we've been working on since April, tentatively called 'Hand'. It's a point and click adventure with RPG elements, set in a very unique world and featuring hand drawn graphics and animations by our man John.  Much more information will come out about this over time... we are hoping to get some screenshots and more game info out by the end of this month.

In the meantime, whilst John has been busy beavering away with Hand, I've been working on a little side project. This game should be out in the next two to three months, and is called A DATE IN THE PARK.

This is a going to be a mystery/horror point and click, with a similar graphic style to Mudlarks - but is much smaller in scale. The game can be completed in thirty minutes to an hour. The story is as thus:

You are Lou. You've just moved to Lisbon, Portugal, to take on a new job and a new life. You've only been in town for a week when on a night out, you meet and fall for the beautiful and enchanting Catarina, a lovely local who promises to meet you the next day in her favourite park for a date.

You arrive there, the sun is shining, the park is beautiful, and hopes are high. What could possibly go wrong? 

A Date in the Park is a short game, with an emphasis on atmosphere and a sense of something strange in the air. With some great twists of course. Hopefully it will be the first of a few short narrative games that we will release whilst production of our big project chugs away over time.

Have a look at these screenshots, which I must emphasise are very rough and very much works in progress. But it gives you an idea of how the game will look when the graphics are finalised. 
Keep an eye on here and on Twitter for more updates. A Date in the Park will be posted on Gamejolt, Desura, IndieDB, Mangotron, itch.io and such websites when it is finished, and will be a free download!

We have also created a website for Cloak and Dagger Games in general, this can be found at cadgames.co.uk. Ill still put all the updates on this website too though.

In coming weeks I'll be looking for help in testing the game, if you are interested please contact me using the form on this website, or directly on Twitter @shaunaitcheson. Also toying with the idea of voice acting for this one, if you speak Portuguese please get in touch! :D

Thanks for reading guys, stay tuned for more!

<![CDATA[Yay!]]>Mon, 14 Apr 2014 15:28:19 GMThttp://mudlarks.weebly.com/news-and-updates/yayHey guys,

We are super happy with the response Mudlarks has been getting, a massive thanks to Game Jolt for featuring it on their homepage! It's been a very surreal and genuinely exciting period!

I want to share with you a Let's Play video made by Jolly Roger Indie Time, it gives a great idea of the earliest part of the game, setting up the scene for the mysteries that follow! Check it out here:

<![CDATA[Mudlarks has been released!]]>Thu, 10 Apr 2014 15:33:09 GMThttp://mudlarks.weebly.com/news-and-updates/mudlarks-has-been-releasedHi all, 

After a year in development, the day has finally come, Mudlarks is finished and available for free download! It's been a hectic sprint to the finish line as we tried to iron out a few last minute bugs, and I think we have been successful in doing so. Just click DOWNLOAD GAME. We would really appreciate feedback, good or bad, and if you find any bugs or spelling mistakes please let us know. Most of all, we've had an amazing time making the game and it has been a life ambition fulfilled! We really hope you enjoy the game :) 

If anybody is reading this who has a games website or a Let's Play channel, please feature us if you can, any help getting our game out there is most welcome! 

Thanks to everyone who has been involved in the project, and thanks to you all for following it's progress.


  • Over 40 locations to explore
  • A mysterious and complex plot set in modern day London
  • A cast of over 40 intriguing characters
  • A full length adventure game experience - hours of gameplay
  • Thousands of lines of dialog
  • Moments of spookiness
  • Over 60 inventory items
  • Virtual mudlarking - yes, that is a thing now!

<![CDATA[A slight delay...]]>Mon, 31 Mar 2014 08:47:45 GMThttp://mudlarks.weebly.com/news-and-updates/a-slight-delayHey everyone,

Perhaps I was being slightly ambitious when I said Mudlarks would be out on March 31st... but I couldn't have predicted a few unexpected events which has meant I have had basically no time to spend on the game in the last three weeks. As a result, release is delayed... hopefully it will be finished in a couple of weeks, but I'm hesitant to set a firm date just incase I can't meet it again! 

Good news is the game is 98% done, just needs some more tweaking here and there and sound and graphics inserted in a few places. We are still doing some testing on later parts of the game which have proven to be a bit buggy. (Please contact me if

I can't wait to get the game released and read feedback on what you guys think, it has been so fun to make and we are champing at the bit to start our second game, which at this stage is called 'Hand' and is a bit of a point n click/RPG mash up set in an Oriental themed world, more details for follow after Mudlarks is launched!

Apologies for the delay, but definitely expect Mudlarks super soon!


<![CDATA[New screenshots and news!]]>Sat, 11 Jan 2014 19:43:08 GMThttp://mudlarks.weebly.com/news-and-updates/new-screenshots-and-newsHey guys,

Happy new year to everyone! We hope you have had some nice holidays! Work is going steadily along on Mudlarks as we continue to squeeze it in to our spare time when possible. The release date of March 31st still looks realistic, fingers crossed there will be no hiccups along the way!

I've spent the last few days tweaking the GUI and creating some animated cursors - it's amazing how little details like these can really bring a game to life! The music has also pretty much been locked in now, just a case of programming it into the game and adding a lot more sound effects etc. 

We are really excited to start working on two new projects once Mudlarks is complete. We have learnt so much about making games during this time that we are just bursting with ideas for future efforts. So hopefully Mudlarks will just be a taste of things to come! 

In the meantime, I've uploaded some new work in progress screenshots to the website, please take a look :)

Thanks for reading,

<![CDATA[Almost there!]]>Wed, 04 Dec 2013 17:08:02 GMThttp://mudlarks.weebly.com/news-and-updates/almost-thereHey guys,

We are now down to coding the last couple of screens and puzzles for the game... what a journey it has been! This will not be the end though, as we will then go through and polish everything, adding in more animations and tweaking the dialog and coding to get things as good as we can!

We've given ourselves the target release date of March 31 2014, with the intention of hopefully finishing even sooner if all goes smoothly. 

We have recently decided to release Mudlarks as a free download! We have made this game with love, as game design amateurs and as old school adventure game fans, and we thought what better way to share the love than by giving away the game for free. We hope this means even more people will get a chance to play it! 

We have a major project in the pipeline that we definitely have commercial ambitions for - a fully hand drawn non-traditional style adventure game, which is very exciting. News for this will be revealed as Mudlarks gets closer to release. 

Stay tuned for more news, just wanted to show everyone we were still alive and working on the game!



<![CDATA[A big week for Mudlarks, and a new screenshot]]>Sun, 27 Oct 2013 09:35:57 GMThttp://mudlarks.weebly.com/news-and-updates/a-big-week-for-mudlarks-and-a-new-screenshotHi guys,

Wow, what an exciting week for Mudlarks! Firstly, we have managed to complete a large chunk of programming, introducing 5 or so new screens and several more characters into the game as we start to see the end in sight for the basic programming structure of the game. We hope to complete the basic coding by mid-December, and then spend at least a couple of months polishing the game - tweaking animations, walk cycles, graphics, and of course sound effects, ambience and music. All while holding down full time day jobs of course :)

Secondly, we have major thanks to give to two amazing websites - AdventureGamers.com and JustAdventure.com, who have both featured Mudlarks prominently on their front pages this week. We really appreciate this support and the exposure it has given our game is very exciting! You can check out their articles here -

AdventureGamers.com on Mudlarks

JustAdventure.com on Mudlarks

Finally, we have also created a Facebook page for Mudlarks, please head over to www.facebook.com/mudlarksgame and like the page, it would be much appreciated. 

Thanks for reading,

Also, take a peek at a new screenshot (in progress)
<![CDATA[Mudlarks now on IndieDB!]]>Wed, 16 Oct 2013 15:13:23 GMThttp://mudlarks.weebly.com/news-and-updates/mudlarks-now-on-indiedbHi everyone!

With production on Mudlarks chugging along steadily (coding is now into Chapter 4 , just one more after this!) we are happy to report that we now have a page on IndieDB, which you can find here

All the new posts and updates from now on will also be published on IndieDB. And hopefully when the game is finished, the IndieDB will provide a direct link to download the game from Desura!

Thanks for reading

<![CDATA[Thanks plus10damage.com!]]>Fri, 27 Sep 2013 08:55:56 GMThttp://mudlarks.weebly.com/news-and-updates/thanks-plus10damagecomPictureFull of gaming goodness!
Hi guys,

Progress with Mudlarks is still going along steadily, had a couple 
of illness setbacks this week, but back with a vengeance today! Currently animating Winston trying to climb a tree, which is proving to be quite fun. 

Last night, I did an interview with David from plus10damage.com about Mudlarks, which was very exciting, and I thank him greatly for sifting through the ramblings of a man knocked out by extremely powerful flu medication!

You can read the transcription of the interview by clicking this link - 

We will hopefully have some new visuals to show you soon, stay tuned!

As always, thanks for reading,


<![CDATA[Meet Mr Samuels]]>Mon, 16 Sep 2013 10:09:44 GMThttp://mudlarks.weebly.com/news-and-updates/meet-mr-samuelsHi everyone,

Programming for Mudlarks is back in full swing, most of the way through Chapter 3 of the game now, so over half way finished! Have been busy working on puzzles and graphics, with rather a lot of sprites being made for the current scenes in the game. It's all very exciting. 

Whilst this programming frenzy continues, meet Mr Samuels. He is the grumpy cat of Mudlarks. You find him at the local pub, where he is the resident feline, scratching and biting the customers for years. But he does come in handy at one point in the game... where his raw aggression comes into play... but how does one subdue an insanely violent cat? All shall be revealed... 

Mr Samuels, on an adventure, and inset: in his home, the pub
As always, thanks for reading